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    1. How likely is it that you would recommend your Gemini Firearm Defense to family member or friend? Here 1 is "NOT AT ALL LIKELY" and 10 is "EXTREMELY LIKELY"
    2. How knowledgeable was your instructor?
    3. How clearly did your instructor explain the course material?
    4. How concerned was your instructor that students were learning the material?
    5. How organized for class was your instructor?
    6. How well did your instructor answer students’ questions?
    7. Was the speed with which your instructor presented the course material too fast, too slow, or about right?
    8. How helpful were the learning aids in helping your understanding of the material?
    9. How easy or difficult was it to get any questions you had answered ?
    10. How well-maintained are the facilities at Gemini Firearm Defense?
    11. The interaction with staff
    12. Your Experience at the register
    13. The Organization of the store
    14. The classroom setup
    15. The products offered in the store
    16. The price of the products
    17. The range of available products at the store
    18. Any areas where we did particularly well? Any areas for Gemini Firearm Defense to improve?


    9920 W Roosevelt Rd
    Westchester IL 60154
    Phone: 773-787-5200
    1039 Depot Rd
    Gurnee IL 60031
    Phone: 773-787-5200