Gemini Firearm Defense LLC is a licensed FFL Dealer (01) and accepts firearms and FFL required firearms parts for delivery in Gurnee, IL. Our FFL policy is simple, order your item, send us an email with details on your order with your seller’s contact information and we will send your seller a signed copy of our FFL so they can ship the item. We will contact you once your product has arrived. We ask that upon receipt of any shipping information from your seller that you forward the information so that we can be sure and meet the delivery person on the first scheduled delivery day. We will also gladly handle your private handgun transfers.

Our store carries a large selection of handguns, rifles, and shotguns from the top brands, and we can place a special order for almost any item that we do not currently stock. We have a versatile inventory that suits the needs of both beginners and advanced shooters alike.

All FFL transfers of firearms and ATF accessories are a flat $35 per transaction. We accept cash, money orders, certified checks and most credit cards (an additional 3% fee will be added if using a credit card).

Please contact us if a copy of our FFL is required for your item to ship. We will gladly email or fax your seller a signed copy directly.

*Please Note – We are a Home Office-based FFL. We do NOT have a storefront. If you choose to use us for your FFL needs, your transfer will be completed in our home office. If you do not feel comfortable with completing your transfer paperwork in a home office, we completely understand, please choose a different FFL. In addition, we reserve the right to refuse any transaction that we deem is unlawful and/or suspicious. We will report any attempted illegal transaction to the Illinois State Police and ATF immediately. This includes the attempted transfer or sale of a firearm that has been illegally modified or straw purchases.

How to purchase a firearm from an online retailer

Step 1 : Understanding Your Rights: If you can legally own a firearm, you are legally allowed to purchase a firearm online from a retailer. Despite what the media and the current Administration wants you to believe, these transactions are bound by stringent firearm laws and ATF rules that apply to gunshops and gun shows. There is no such thing as a “workaround” and there are NO loopholes. The laws pertaining to firearm transactions are BLACK and WHITE with NO gray areas.

Step 2 : If you find a firearm, or firearm part that is bound by ATF rules (such as a 90% AR15 lower), on a sellers website, the process is very easy to purchase. Just like purchasing in a gunshop or at a gun show, you go ahead and buy the firearm. When you get to the checkout portion of the transaction you will be prompted to select a Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer to ship the firearm to. This is because there are NO LOOPHOLES; the seller who owns the firearm that you are purchasing is an FFL Dealer and can only ship the firearm you bought to another FFL Dealer. This is due to that fact that you cannot take possession of a purchased firearm without a background check, completed either by Law Enforcement of the State you reside in or the FBI depending where you live. Your new firearm purchase will then ship to the FFL dealer you specified.

Step 3 : Your firearm may ship either UPS or FedEx, ground or air, depending on the retailer and the method of shipping. Once your purchase arrives at the FFL dealer you designated, they will contact you to make an appointment for you to go to their place of business. There you will complete the background check forms for both the State you reside in and the ATF. The fee for doing this “transfer”, i.e. from the FFL dealer you purchased from to the FFL dealer you had your purchase shipped to, varies. However, the prevailing rate for a transfer is $35.00. This is not pure profit to the receiving FFL Dealer. There is a fee that the FFL Dealer pays for the background check, pass or fail and cost of doing business: insurance, secure storage, alarm system, etc.

Step 4 : Once you arrive at the FFL dealer your purchase shipped to, you will fill out the paperwork and inspect your purchase. The FFL Dealer will then call in the background check. You pay the fee, once you get an approval, and the required amount of time lapses ( 24 hours for long gun, 72 hours for a handgun) you leave with your purchase.

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