What is Livescan?

Livescan Fingerprinting is the only biometric based background check that provide “positive” identification against government agency criminal history data bases to ensure that an individual is who they say they are.

Fingerprint-based criminal history checks may disclose unreported arrests and convictions that may not appear on an individual when using a name based background checks. In addition, fingerprint-based background checks may provide and “update” or “change” in criminal record based on State Statute, while a name based check is an isolated “one time” transaction that will never provide an update based on change of criminal history status.

In all cases, an individual has the right to the results of their Criminal History Record Information (CHRI), whether submitted on their own to a State or the Federal Repository, or by an authorized agency under state and federal statutes.

Gemini Firearm Defense provides livescan fingerprinting service to both individuals and business alike.

When it comes to the fingerprinting services that you require, there is no margin for error, you need the best. And when it comes to Illinois fingerprinting and background checks, there is simply no substitute for Gemini Firearm Defense.  Our staff is made up of former military, law enforcement personnel and professionals, you can believe in the work we do every time. After all, when it comes to your privacy and protection, don’t you deserve to work with only people that you know that you can trust?

Whether you need on-site fingerprinting featuring our inkless fingerprinting technology, background checks, passport photos or fingerprinting in  the Chicagoland area, we are here to help! Our corporate office is located in Westchester, Illinois.

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