Gun Cleaning and Maintenance Class


Not all firearms are easy to clean. If you have never cleaned a gun before or are new to guns, If you are having trouble disassembling or reassembling your firearm when you clean it, then you will want to come to one of our comprehensive classes on gun cleaning.

This class is designed to help the gun owner learn and understand the best possible way to clean their particular firearm. Learn from a knowledgeable instructor that has over 34 years of stripping, cleaning, reassembling, modifying, and rebuilding various firearms.

This course combines two hours of instruction in gun disassembly, cleaning, assembly and maintenance. Two versions are offered: one for handgun, and one for rifle. During the course, each student will field strip, clean, re-assemble and test fire the firearm they used for the shooting drills portion of class.

Prerequisites: none

Required Equipment: Firearm (handgun or rifle), gun cleaning supplies, ( available for purchase separately )

Optional Equipment: none


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