Welcome to Gemini Firearm Defense LLC a family owned and operated business with 2 offices located in Gurnee and Grayslake Illinois. Instructors with our academy must meet our demanding standards. Prospective instructors must demonstrate solid experience teaching the subjects they specialize in. They must be proficient in the areas of study that they propose to teach, and they must possess teaching credentials recognized by their peers in those fields.Our instructors possess these qualifications, and many also possess professional experience that brings real-life knowledge into the classroom. Students greatly benefit from these instructors. Knowledgeable in both public and private law, our instructors are what make our academy unique. Gemini Firearm Defense LLC has over 35 years of experience providing security. We would like you to meet some of our staff

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Westchester IL 60154
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1039 Depot Rd
Gurnee IL 60031
Phone: 773-787-5200